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Clear Glass Face Shield

Clear Glass Face Shield

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When people sneeze or speak or exhale they release millions of droplets in the air which carry infectious bacteria and viruses and these droplets can easily travel in the air for a distance of 1-2 meters.

RNG EKO GREEN Face Shield protects you from any kind of infection. Face Shield forms a barrier sheet between your face and harmful virus/bacteria and saves you from direct splash of mouth and air droplets which are carrier of infectious diseases.


  • 1) Travelling:- It is best safety medical equipment to be used while travelling in taxi, bus, metro, rail, airplane or any other public transport.
  • 2) Working:- It is to be used while working in hospitals, clinics, shops, companies, factories, malls, restaurants, airports, railway stations and any public or private place where people interact and are at risk of catching infection.



  • 1) 100% Anti-Fog & Anti-Dust:- Clear material, made with super transparent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight. Durable & Dust-free.
  • 2) Crystal Clear Vision
  • 3) Goggle Frame Mount for Easy Wear:- The goggle frame mount fitting is very comfortable to wear and very easy to remove when not in use. Other brand face shields have very bad elastic grip on forehead that either breaks very quickly or is so much tight that it becomes very uncomfortable to wear the face shield for long time. Also other brands are using very cheap quality foam fabric on forehead that it becomes very uncomfortable to wear
  • 4) Reusable:- The visor can be cleaned after every use with soap and water, or wiped with disinfectant (recommended)
  • 5) Versatile:- This One-size-fits-all replaceable and reusable visor with glass attachment is a practical and portable.

Material: Foam, Plastic

Color: green


Item Weight: 180 Grams

Closure Type: Pull-On

  • 100% Anti-Fog, Anti-Dust & Crystal Clear Vision (Free 5 Disposable Masks + 2 KN95 Masks)
  • CE & ISO 9001: 2015 Certified - Made In Spain
  • Goggle Frame Mount for Easy Wear & Comfortable Fitting
  • EASY TO USE [Peel of the transparent plastic film on both sides of the shield. Face Shield has protective layer on both sides to protect the shield from scratches]
  • Universal Fit & Reusable