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Home Vacuum Cleaner

Home Vacuum Cleaner

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RNG EKO GREEN - 1000W Compact Multi-Function Cyclonic Power Home Vacuum Cleaner- (Metallic Red + Grey)

(A) Technical Information :

Maximum Suction: 20 KPA 

Rated Power: 1000 Watts 

Rated Voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz 

Power Cord Length: 5 Meter 

Dust Capacity: 0.5 L 

Weight: 1 KG to 2 KG (Weight vary with attachments) 

Noise: less than 75 DB

(B) Product Application :

The vacuum cleaner is applicable for cleaning home interior only. Plug in the appliance and use ON/OFF button to start the device for cleaning. Connect the Main Floor Brush to clean the floor and connect Telescopic Tube to clean the floor in standing position. There is also Multi-Purpose Crevice Nozzle & Brush to rub and remove dust so that vacuum cleaner can easily suck the dirt. After cleaning remove the trash collected in dust cup by pressing Dust Cup Bottom Release button present on bottom of dust cup and if filter system too dirty then remove the dust cup by pressing button over dust cap and take out the filter system assembly from dust cap, then clean the Sponge filter, Plastic filter and HEPA filter with soft brush or wash them with water. Dry the filters before using them again. You may also clean Car interior with this device but it does not work on 12 V DC Car battery so there should be electricity switch board for plug in inside Car garage or place for cleaning.

(C) Product Feature :

  • Professional Multi Cyclone Systemfor no loss of suction
  • 1000 Watts of Cyclonic Power creating very strong suction force of 20KPA to quickly clean the home interior
  • Compact Size & Excellent Design for easy storage
  • Low Noiseand Light Weight
  • Four Level Filtration System with Easily Removable & Washable Dust Cup, HEPA Filter and Sponge Filter
  • Bagless
  • The 5 meter long wire enables vacuum cleaner to reach every corner of the home
  • Accessories like Main Floor Brush, Telescopic Extension Tube, Crevice Nozzle & Brush connector to clean away dust and reach all corners of home

Safety Information:

Do not use the vacuum cleaner too close to heaters, radiators and do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking like cigarettes, matches or got ashes. Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces. Do not pull or carry by cord or pull cord around sharp edges or corners. Do not use with damaged cord or plug



Model Number : RNG-DV887

Suction Power : 20 KPA

Wattage : 1000 Watts

Capacity : 0.5 Litres

Filter Type : Hepa & Foam Filter

Form Factor : Handheld

Colour : Metallic Red & Grey

Is It Cordless : No


  • Professional 1000 W Multi Cyclone System for no loss of suction and Maximum Suction: 16 KPA ,Rated Power: 1000 Watts, Rated Voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz, Power Cord Length: 4 Meter, Dust Capacity: 0.5 L, Weight: 1 KG to 2 KG (Weight vary with attachments), Noise: less than 75 DB
  • Four Level Filtration System with Easily Removable and Washable Dust Cup, HEPA Filter and Sponge Filter
  • Low noise and light weight
  • Compact Size and excellent design for easy storage
  • Accessories: Main floor brush, telescopic extension tube and Crevice nozzle brush connector to clean away dust and reach all corners of home